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Rules and Regulations


This Arogya  Dham has been built for vegetarian family members for Rest/ change of air. The Flats will be given for this purpose only subject to the persons following the rules & regulations of the Trust mentioned herein under.

This Arogya Dham at present has 6 units of 1 BHK flats and 4 units of 2 BHK Flats and 4 rooms without kitchen. For the use of these flats you will have to fill the application Form and on conformation of your allotment you will have to pay the full amount in advance to the trust. On arrival at the Arogya Dham you will be required to pay Rupees 1000/- as Security Deposit which will be refunded to you on your handing back the premises in good condition. The allotee and his companions will have to strictly adhere to the following rules and regulations of the trust.


  1. To stay at the Arogya Dham, the Trust will give you an allotment letter signed by a Trustee/Authorised person. Without this allotment letter no one will be allowed to stay at the Arogya Dham. This allotment letter is not transferable.

  2. Only persons whose names were given in the application form will be allowed to stay at the Arogya Dham. No other person will be allowed and if it is noticed otherwise then you will be asked to vacate the premises forthwith and your advance payment together without deposit will be forfeited. Photo identification by Driver’s licence/Pan Card/Aadhar Card of any one person mentioned in the form is necessary for registration on the day of your arrival.

  3. If for any reason you want to extend your stay then you will have to fill another application form. The Trust will definitely view your application sympathetically.

  4. If you vacate the flat before expiry date as per your allotment letter no refund for the unused days will be given.

  5. If you fail to take possession of the flat on the day as per your allotment letter then

your allotment will stand cancelled and you will not be eligible for any refund from the Trust.

  1. As per the date of your allotment letter, you will be given possession of the flat together with all the equipments in the flat, by the Trust Manager/Employee. On expiry of your stay as per your allotment letter you will give back the possession of the flat together with all the equipments in good condition back to the Trust manager/Employee. In case

of any damage to the flat and/or any of the equipments or items, you will be liable to pay the damages at current prices, to the Trust .If everything is in good condition then you will be refunded your deposit at the Trust office in Mumbai.



  1. You will have to vacate and give back procession of the flat to the Trust as per your allotment letter. If you fail to give back the procession of the flat as per your allotment letter date, your deposit will be forfeited and you will be liable to pay double the daily charges which you have paid, as compensation to the Trust. Over and above this compensation you will be require to pay all the expenses incurred by the Trust to forcible take procession of the flat from you.

  2. If for any reason the allottee wants to cancel his allotment 15 days before his allotment date then he will be refunded 75 % of the amount paid by him and the Trust will keep the balance 25 % as cancellation charges. He will get the refund by an “ Account Payee”

Cheque from the Mumbai Trust Office, on his surrendering the allotment letter. If for any reason he wants to cancel his allotment within 15 days of his allotment date, he will not be entitled to any refund from the Trust.

  1. On confirmation of your application you will be required to pay the full amount by cash/ cheque to SMT Shardaben Mansukhlal Kamdar Charity Foundation /Sharda Arogya Dham.

  2. Check – in Time-12.30 pm

Check- out time-9.30 am

  1. 4 Persons will be allowed in 1 BHK flats and 6 persons will be allowed in 2 BHK flats. Children’s under 5 years will be allowed to stay free of charge. Any extra person will   be charged extra.

  2. There will be no extra changes for supplying gas, electricity and water .But if for any reason the Trust is not able to supply any of it, the allotee will not demand any refund nor will he hold the Trust responsible for it and ask for any damages.

  3. You will not be allowed to take out of the flat any equipment, utensils etc. In case you want to do so you need to take the permission of our manager.

  4. The Bathrooms is to be used only for bathing.

  5. Drying of clothes should be done only in the flat allotted to you by the trust.

  6. The garbage has to be put in the garbage can and not in any premises of the trust.

  7. The allotee will look after the Trust premises. He will not write on the walls, stick papers on the walls or put nails on any walls .He will not damage any part of the Trust premises.

  8. You need to bring your own plastic and / rubber sheet so that small children do not wet/ spoil the beds.

  9. People come to our Arogya Dham for peace and quite surroundings. Kindly see that there is no noise pollution in any form by you and you do not disturb your neighbors.

  10. The flats are fully furnished containing lot of equipments utensils, furniture’s etc. Any damage caused to any of these items you will be held fully responsible and liable to pay the charges as demanded by the trust without any arguments.

  11. The allotee is required to bring with him the allotment letter and present it to our manager at the Arogya Dham. On completing the necessary formalities the Manager /Employee of the Arogya Dham will give possession of the flat. If any outsider is coming to visit the allotee at the Arogya Dham then he needs to inform the manager. Any person asking to stay at Arogya Dham without the allotment letter will not be allowed even through there may be a vacancy at Arogya Dham.

  12. No one will be allowed with any kind of contagious diseases and /or Mental illness .If any such person is found to be using our premises, then the allotee  will be asked to vacate the premises forthwith without any refund and more over he will be liable for any damage caused to anybody in the Arogya Dham.

  13. Non vegetarian food, liquor and narcotic drugs are strictly forbidden in our premises. Gambling and any other illegal activity is also strictly forbidden .Anyone found to be indulging in any of these activities will be asked to vacate the premises forthwith without any refund.

  14. The Arogya Dham is meant for peace and quiet. If anyone is found to be disturbing the peace as per our Manager he will be asked to vacate the premises forthwith without any refund. 

  15. Do not pluck flowers or damage the trees on the premises, as you will be liable for any damage caused by you.

  16. The allotee will not be allowed to bring any bird and /animal together with them to stay at Arogya Dham.

  17. No hawkers and /or door –to –door salesman will be allowed in the premises.

  18. You are not allowed to use the trust Employee for your personal work. Kindly do not tip any of the Trust employees.

  19. It is the responsibilities of the allotee to look after his things especially his valuable articles, jewellary, money etc. He is solely responsible for his things and will not blame the trust or it’s employees for any damage/loss to any of his article. 

  20. The main gate of the Arogya Dham will be open from 5 am to 11 pm.To give the allotment letter of the Arogya Dham is the prerogative of the Trust, and its trustees. The Trust is not bound to give any explanation to anybody regarding the same.

  21. For any reason whatsoever the flat allotted to the allottee is not available, than he will accept any other flat given to him by our manager without any complaints.

  22. Trustee and employee of the Trust have right to visit the flat any time and/ or ask for information about allotee and he will not take any objection for the same.

  23.  If the allottee breaks any rules/ Regulation of the trust he will be expelled from trust premises forthwith without any compensation and his deposit will be forfeited moreover he will be liable for legal proceedings against him by the Trust.

  24. To the above rules and regulation, the Trustees have the right to change, add and / or amend the same as per their requirements .The allotment letter does not create any tenancy rights and / or give any rights to the allotee and his companions to stay in the flat as tenants. The property belongs to the Trust and the allotee and his companions will not try to create any rights to the said property by any means whatsoever.

  25. On taking possession of the flat our manager you will verify that you have been handed over the flat together with all equipments, utensils, furniture, good condition. For your ready reference, list of all the equipments in the flats available with Manager for you to check.

  26. If for any reason whatsoever the Trust feels the allotee is unsuitable to stay at the Arogya Dham then the trust can ask him to vacate the premises immediately and he will be refunded the balance amount by the Mumbai office.

  27. Only one car per 1BHK flat and 2 cars per 2BHK flats will be allowed in the Trust Premises. If you wish to bring in more than the allotted car/s, the trust will allow you to park on payment of extra charges subject to availability of space in the compound. Driver and servant will be charges extra. They will be given sleeping facilities in the basement.

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